... an Exhibition

Began as an idea in a 2010 exchange of emails between Kelly and Joanna. In the summer of 2011 they had their first joint exhibition in a church hall on Pender Island, BC.

Since then they've discovered over and over again how well their artworks show together. Typically they do no pre-arranging but.arrive at a venue with a group of works and a few hours later they stand back and wonder how it all happened to just work together again. Kelly and Joanna's individual explorations of their favourite media and themes continues to evolve.

In 2012 they took their show to the Corrie Alice Gallery in Cumberalnd BC. In 2013 the Whalepoint on South Pender Island hosted.

Starting in 2014 the annual Same, Same but... Different exhibition moved to Sea Star Vineyards, high atop a hill on Pender Island's Razor Point.

... the Artists

Kelly Irving : A career long interest in cut and paste, collage, mash-up. Loves to explore techniques/technologies, old and new.